June 19, 2019

Tigers (Baseball) in the Pros – Erwin part of no-hitter, Duggar promoted to AAA

This weeks round-up:

  1. Daniel Gossett was recalled to Oakland and started against the Orioles (no decision) on Wednesday.
  2. Zack Erwin pitched 6 innings of no hit ball as part of the Beloit staff tossing a no-hitter. Erwin’s stats are lights out.
  3. Steven Duggar was promoted to AAA
  4. Alex Eubanks is balling in Spokane.

Final 2015 Clemson Baseball Metrics

Pitching2015 Baseball Pitching All 612015 Baseball Pitching RH 612015 Baseball Pitching LH 612015 Baseball Pitching GBR 61

Batting2015 Baseball Batting All 612015 Baseball Batting RHP 612015 Baseball Batting 61 LHP2015 Baseball Batting 61 GBR

Updated Baseball Metrics – 59 Games

PitchingBaseball Pitchers All 59Baeball Pitchers RHB 59Baeball Pitchers LHB 59Baeball Pitchers GBR 59

BattingBaseball Batters All 592015 Baseball Batters RHP 592015 Baeball Batters LHP 59Baeball Batters GBR 59

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 44 Games

Batting2015 Baseball Batting 44 All2015 Baseball Batting 44 RHP2015 Baseball Batting LHP 442015 Baseball Batting 44 GBR

Pitching2015 Baseball Pitching 44 All2015 Baseball Pitching 44 RHB2015 Baseball Pitching LHB 442015 Baseball Pitching 44 GBR

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 41 Games

Pitching2015 Baseball Pitching 41 All2015 Baseball Pitching 41 RHB2015 Baseball Pitching 41 LHB2015 Baseball Pitching 41 GBR

Batting2015 Baseball Batting 41 All2015 Baseball Batting 41 RHP2015 Baseball Batting 41 LHP2015 Baseball Batting 41 GBR

Clemson Baseball Metrics: 40 Games

Pitching2015 Baseball Pitching 40 All2015 Baseball Pitching 40 RHB2015 Baseball Pitching 40 LHB2015 Baseball Pitching 40 GBR

Batting2015 Baseball Batting 40 All2015 Baseball Batting 40 RHP2015 Baseball Batting 40 LHP2015 Baseball Batting 40 GBR

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 38 Games

Pitching2015 Baseball Pitching 38 All2015 Baseball Pitching 38 RHB2015 Baseball Pitching 38 LHB2015 Baseball Pitching 38 GBR

Batting2015 Baseball Batting 38 All2015 Baseball Batting 38 RHP2015 Baseball Batting 38 LHP2015 Baseball Batting 38 GBR

Game Scores for Weekend Starters – 9 Starts

Brody Koerner’s pitching game score of 83 vs. South Carolina remains the high score of the season for Clemson.  Koerner also holds the lowest mark of the season (15) in his subsequent start.

2015 Game Scores Weekend Starters 9

Breaking Down Crownover’s Dominance

Matthew Crownover is having one heck of a season. Through 8 starts the left-hander is 5-1 with a 1.33 ERA, 0.96 WHIP and a .179 opponent’s batting average.

Crownover’s obviously talented and perhaps being left-handed with an even keeled temperament provides an additional edge. His motion is easy, almost like he’s playing catch with Chris Okey, which he often does as batters flail at his pitches.

But a funny thing happened when I dug into the details of how Crownover gets his outs. He’s also defying baseball convention.

For a pitcher, there’s not many better friends than a ground ball. The more the better. Ground balls are typically turned into outs, sometimes double plays, and if they do make it through the infield they’re almost always a single, meaning it generally takes 3 to equal a single run. The odds are with the pitcher and defense getting 3 outs before 3 singles are accrued in an inning.GBFBLDPU 31

On the other hand, fly balls sometimes land over the fence, or perhaps in the gap for extra bases, meaning it takes less of these to score and it’s easier to put “crooked” numbers on the scoreboard with extra base hits, which are almost exclusively fly balls of some type.

Generally, you want a ground ball pitcher on the mound for the reasons above. Matthew Crownover is the exception to that rule. Crownover is averaging only a little over 5 ground balls in play per start. It helps that Crownover strikes out about 1 per inning and has accumulated 23 pop up outs (more on this below) on the season, but it still seems like a low number.

Like with every pitcher, fly balls are an issue for Crownover, as opponents are batting .397 in those situations. However, if you compare that number with the two other weekend starters you see how much of an outlier Crownover has been.BAGBFBLDPU 31

Brody Koerner is just the opposite. Koerner has many more ground balls and opponents batting average against Koerner on ground balls is not out of line, but when the ball is in the air against Koerner he’s in trouble.

Zack Erwin has more than twice the number of ground balls as Crownover, but opponents are hitting 74 points higher on those grounders than against Crownover.

Crownover also has far and away the most popups. I track these separately because they’re almost always outs and it tells me the batter is not getting a good swing at the ball.

Crownover Outs

Put it all together: A strikeout an inning, low batting average on ground balls, relatively low batting average on fly balls and almost 3 pop up outs per game and you have a dominant pitcher.

Crownover makes it look easy, but what he’s doing is remarkable. He’s dominating when the ball is in play and when it isn’t (a strikeout per inning).

Editor’s note: Statistics taken from play by play data. Data on line drives is dubious as no hits are listed as “line drives” in play by play data, but wanted to include information for clarity (and can also give you some idea of pitchers “luck”). Also, there is some interpretation of play by play data on my part as a “double to left field” is considered a fly ball, for example.

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 31 Games

Complete through 31 games.


2015 Baseball Batting All 312015 Baseball Batting RHP 312015 Baseball Batting LHP 312015 Baseball GBR 31


2015 Baseball Pitching All 312015 Baseball Pitching RHB 312015 Baseball Pitching LHB 312015 Baseball Pitching GBR 31