January 21, 2019

CU in the NFL – Offense – DW4 goes wild, Catman hits from Long Island & 134 receptions

The Clemson offensive players (+kicker and punter) in the NFL are done for the week and the numbers are staggering. Five TD passes from Watson, 29 receptions and a 57 yard field goal are among the highlights from Clemson in the NFL.

Featured image courtesy: USA TODAY

Former Tigers in the NFL – Final Preseason Stats – Cuts Loom (1 Tiger cut today)

Brandon Thompson’s contract with Browns was terminated today.

Tigers in the NFL Stats Update

A look at the preseason stats for the Clemson Tigers in the NFL.

Tigers in the NFL Stats – Goodson on a mission, Tankersley making his mark

A look at the stats of the Tigers preseason stats (as best as I could find) in the NFL.

News –

  1. Tom Savage was named as the Texans starting quarterback, so I’m a little less fired up about my trip to the opener.
  2. Brandon Thompson was waived by the Bengals and signed by the Browns.
  3. Not sure of Kourtnei Browns status. First he was waived/injured, then a couple days later it said “Reserve/Injured”.

15 Games 15 Plays – Video look at the journey from December 2008 to January 2017

A 6+ minute video detailing the journey from December of 2008 thru January 9, 2017 of Dabo and the Tigers winning the National Championship and includes fan reactions.

Featured image courtesy UPI.

Rewind: Game winning drive vs. Alabama in 2 minutes & 19 seconds

The game and National Championship winning drive vs. Alabama in 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

Rewind: Game winning drive vs. Florida State in 1 minute & 41 seconds

Game winning drive vs. Florida State in 1 minute and 41 seconds.

Before the Trophy – Episode 3

Clemson defensive back Marcus Edmond (29). GWINN DAVIS / POST AND COURIER

Before the trophy….Deon Cain burned Louisville twice, the Wayne Train broke loose, Leggett rumbled for the lead and Marcus Edmond slammed the door.


Previous Episodes:

Episode 1 – Renfrow catches, Boulware intercepts, Johnson knocks down

Episode 2 – Joseph intercepts a pass, Renfrow, Wilkins and Cain  caught TD passes & Clemson beat a team from Alabama for the 2nd week in a row.


I’ve shown the play below multiple times, in multiple scenarios, but I’ve never specifically pointed out why this play was successful (h/t to SUR message board members who alerted me).  So, for this iteration, I’ve added a couple of freeze frames to illustrate.  At the snap of the ball Mike Williams realizes that Tavarus McFadden is blitzing, stops his route and points to him (first freeze frame Williams is near bottom left of screen under “World Series” on the crawl). Wayne Gallman, who is looking for someone to block in the middle, sees the blitz and moves back to block McFadden (second freeze frame) and stop him from blindsiding Deshaun Watson. Deshaun throws, Leggett catches and rumbles, Tigers win.

Wayne Gallman: 8 Plays

Clemson running back Wayne Gallman (9) breaks free for a touchdown.The Clemson Tigers played host to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Memorial Stadium in Clemson Saturday, October 10, 2015. GWINN DAVIS / FOR POST AND COURIER

From coming on late in his freshman season, setting records as a sophomore to scoring 17 touchdowns as a junior Wayne Gallman, once believed to be an afterthought in the 2013 recruiting class, ended up with a special career and National Championship at Clemson.

There are 8 plays below and 3 are from the National Championship game, which tells you something about the Wayne Train.  On the first play from scrimmage for Clemson Gallman stream rolls a Bama defender and sets the tone; a touchdown run  put the Tigers ahead for the first time; and then a play on the final drive where Gallman was hit 2 yards behind the line, refused to go down and turned a negative into a positive.  That’s Wayne Gallman in a nutshell.