June 19, 2019

Tigers (Baseball) in the Pros – Erwin part of no-hitter, Duggar promoted to AAA

This weeks round-up:

  1. Daniel Gossett was recalled to Oakland and started against the Orioles (no decision) on Wednesday.
  2. Zack Erwin pitched 6 innings of no hit ball as part of the Beloit staff tossing a no-hitter. Erwin’s stats are lights out.
  3. Steven Duggar was promoted to AAA
  4. Alex Eubanks is balling in Spokane.

Clemson Baseball Metrics: 40 Games

Pitching2015 Baseball Pitching 40 All2015 Baseball Pitching 40 RHB2015 Baseball Pitching 40 LHB2015 Baseball Pitching 40 GBR

Batting2015 Baseball Batting 40 All2015 Baseball Batting 40 RHP2015 Baseball Batting 40 LHP2015 Baseball Batting 40 GBR

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 23 Games

Complete through 23 games.

Pitching2015 Baseball Pitching All 232015 Baseball Pitching RHB 232015 Baseball Pitching LHB 232015 Pitching GBR 23

Batting2015 Baseball Batting All 232015 Baseball Batting RHP 232015 Baseball Batting LHP 232015 Baseball Batting GBR 23

Episode 35: Clemson/South Carolina Preview

Brandon Rink from OrangeandWhite.com joins me to discuss the Clemson/South Carolina baseball series.

I encourage you to visit orangeandwhite.com to check out all of the Clemson coverage no matter the sport.

Podcast artwork courtesy Clemson grad and graphic artist Adam Eargle.



Additional Baseball Metrics – Pitches per Plate Appearance, Strike Ratio & More

The metrics related to pitches are dependent upon the information being available.  Unfortunately, not all college baseball teams make the same information available or use the same tools to track and report details.  If and when information becomes “partial” it will be noted (or no longer tracked if deemed to be insufficient to assist in analysis).

The first chart below looks at pitches: How many, how many were strikes and balls, the percentage of strikes and the number of pitches thrown per batter (PA = Plate Appearance).

2015 Pitches Pct Strikes 3

The next chart shows what happens when a ball is hit in play: Ground ball (GB), fly ball (FB), line drive (LD) and pop up (PU) rates.  Chart also includes number of inherited runners (IR), inherited runners that score (IRS) and the percentage of inherited runners that score.2015 Pitching GBR+ 3

Similar to the pitchers above we look at what happens when batters but the ball in play below, how many runners are on base when they bat (ROB), how many are in scoring position (RISP), RBIs, percentage of runners on and runners in scoring position knocked in and the average number of pitches they see per plate appearance.2015 Batting GBR+ 3

Batting Metrics – 3 Games

Complete through 3 games.2015 Batting All 32015 Batting RHP 32015 Batting LHP 3

Metrics for Returning Batters

2014 metrics for returning batters.

2015 Baseball Returning Batters All2015 Baseball Returning Batters RH2015 Baseball Returning Batters LH

Clemson Tiger Baseball Podcast – Season Preview

Brandon Rink of orangeandwhite.com joins me to talk all things Clemson Baseball from offseason changes, stars lost, starting rotation, bullpen and the new faces.

Thanks to Brandon for taking the time and thanks to Clemson grad Adam Eargle for the podcast artwork.  You can find more of Adam’s work right here.


Clemson Baseball Metrics – 61 Games – Final

Complete through 61 games.

2014 Base Batting All 612014 Base Batting RHP 612014 Base Batting LHP 612014 Base Batting GBR 61
2014 Base Pitching All 612014 Base Pitching RH 612014 Base Pitching LH 612014 Base Pitching GBR 61

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 56 Games

Complete through 56 games.

EW 56

2014 Baseball Batting 56 All2014 Baseball Batting 56 RHP2014 Baseball Batting LHP 562014 Baseball Batting 56 GBR

2014 Baseball Pitching 56 All2014 Baseball Pitching 56 RH2014 Baseball Pitching 56 LH2014 Baseball Pitching GBR 56