June 20, 2019

#ThrowbackThursday: Tajh Boyd throws for 5 TDs in route of Syracuse in 2013

Tajh Boyd throws for 455 yards and 2 touchdowns as Clemson blast Syracuse 49-14 in 2013.

CU in the NFL – Tying records, game winning field goals, 105 receptions (#WRU) & 119 tackles

Stats for former Tigers through week 4 of the NFL season.


CU in the NFL – Stats for Clemson players in the NFL through week 2

Stats for Clemson players in the NFL through week 2.

Stephone Anthony has been traded from the Saints to the Dolphins.

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ThrowbackThursday: Boyd to Watkins in 2011 gives Clemson lead over defending champ

#ThrowbackThursday to September, 2011.  After struggling against Troy (first half) and Wofford the defending national champs came to town.  After falling behind early, our Tigers battled back and with the game tied at 21 early in the third quarter…..

Former Tigers in the NFL – Final Preseason Stats – Cuts Loom (1 Tiger cut today)

Brandon Thompson’s contract with Browns was terminated today.

Tigers in the NFL Stats Update

A look at the preseason stats for the Clemson Tigers in the NFL.

Then versus Now: How the 2016 Tigers stack up against the 2013 Tigers


With Clemson’s Fiesta Bowl matchup versus Ohio State just days away we’ll take an in-depth look at how this year’s team compares to the 11-2 team from 2013, who capped their season with an Orange Bowl victory over Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes. This piece will provide a snapshot at both the similarities and differences between two of the best teams to ever play at Clemson.






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Throwback Thursday – The Deuce Gets Loose

Sammy Watkins takes a kickoff to the house as Clemson rallies from an 18 deficit to defeat Maryland in 2011.

Featured image courtesy gwinndavisphotos.com
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Throwback Thursday

In the 2013 opener Tajh Boyd sidearms a pass to Sammy Watkins who promptly bowls over a Georgia defender and goes 77 yards for the score.

Featured image: Cleveland.com

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Do stars really matter? 5-Year NFL Draft Analysis

Do recruiting rankings really translate to football on Sundays? Find out below…