June 19, 2019

#ThrowbackThursday – 2013 Tajh Boyd finds Mike Williams for 6

In a 52-6 romp over The Citadel in 2013 Tajh Boyd finds Mike Williams for 1 of his 5 touchdown passes on the day.

CU in the NFL – DW4 & Nuk light up Legion of Boom & other stats from Tigers in the league

A look at the stats for Clemson players in the NFL.

Please let me know of errors and omissions.

CU in the NFL – Watson leads league in TD passes, Mike Williams with 1st catch, Goodson pacing defenders

Current stats for former Clemson Tigers in the NFL.

C.J. Spiller has been signed (again) by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Offense (Skill Players) and Special Teams

Defense and OL

As always, please notify me of errors, omissions and changes.

15 Games 15 Plays – Video look at the journey from December 2008 to January 2017

A 6+ minute video detailing the journey from December of 2008 thru January 9, 2017 of Dabo and the Tigers winning the National Championship and includes fan reactions.

Featured image courtesy UPI.

Rewind: Game winning drive vs. Alabama in 2 minutes & 19 seconds

The game and National Championship winning drive vs. Alabama in 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

Before the Trophy: Episode 7

Before the trophy…Clelin Ferrell makes an early play that changed the course of the game, Mike Williams got wide open, C.J. Fuller runs the “lethal wheel route”, Carlos Watkins introduces himself to J.T. Barrett and Van Smith runs a long, long way.

8 Plays: Mike Williams

Clemson wide receiver Mike Williams 

8 beautiful plays from Mike Williams (via Deshaun Watson).

Other iterations:

8 plays from Jordan Leggett

8 plays from Wayne Gallman

8 plays from the defensive backfield

These are Good Times for Clemson

“Good Times”.


I’ve shown the play below multiple times, in multiple scenarios, but I’ve never specifically pointed out why this play was successful (h/t to SUR message board members who alerted me).  So, for this iteration, I’ve added a couple of freeze frames to illustrate.  At the snap of the ball Mike Williams realizes that Tavarus McFadden is blitzing, stops his route and points to him (first freeze frame Williams is near bottom left of screen under “World Series” on the crawl). Wayne Gallman, who is looking for someone to block in the middle, sees the blitz and moves back to block McFadden (second freeze frame) and stop him from blindsiding Deshaun Watson. Deshaun throws, Leggett catches and rumbles, Tigers win.

The Making of a Champion: Episode 21


After a 5 yard completion to Jordan Leggett Clemson faced a 2nd and five from their 37 with under 2 minutes to go.  No worries, just throw it up to Mike Williams. The resulting 24 yard gain gave the Tigers a first down at the Alabama 39.


Previous Episodes:

Episode 1 – Hunter Renfrow makes leaping catch to extend lead vs. Auburn

Episode 2 – Ben Boulware steps in front of Sean White Pass at the goal line

Episode 3 – Jadar Johnson knocks down Auburn’s last gasp

Episode 4 – Hunter Renfrow makes another spectacular touchdown catch

Episode 5 – Christian Wilkins catches a touchdown pass for a 10 point lead

Episode 6 – Deon Cain 1 on 1 vs. Troy DB = Touchdown

Episode 7 – Deon Cain backs into end zone to tie Louisville

Episode 8 – The Wayne Train picks up steam

Episode 9 – Jordan Leggett rumbles for go ahead touchdown vs. Louisville

Episode 10 – Marcus Edmond stops Louisville 36 inches short

Episode 11 – Marcus Edmond strikes again & N.C. State goes down

Episode 12 – Greg Huegel drills a clutch 46 yard FG in Tallahassee

Episode 13 – Jordan Leggett does it again, scoring with 2:06 left in Tallahassee

Episode 14 – Boulware sacks Florida State’s Hopes

Episode 15 – 7 on 7 crime: Mike Williams puts Jamarcus King through the spin cycle

Episode 16 – Clelin Ferrell spends New Years Eve in the Ohio State backfield

Episode 17 – DW4 to C.J. Fuller on the “lethal wheel route”

Episode 18 – Deon Cain breaks free for 43 yards and it’s game on

Episode 19 – Hunter Renfrow saves the day by making a tackle, not a catch

Episode 20 – C.J. Fuller makes his presence known