December 13, 2018

#ThrowbackThursday: Tajh Boyd throws for 5 TDs in route of Syracuse in 2013

Tajh Boyd throws for 455 yards and 2 touchdowns as Clemson blast Syracuse 49-14 in 2013.

CU in the NFL – Week 1 stats for Clemson players in the league

Please let me know of errors and omissions.  Tried to keep up with all the cuts/adds/transactions last weekend, but was in Houston watching DW4 and sixtyelven other Tigers play.

Tigers in the NFL Stats Update

A look at the preseason stats for the Clemson Tigers in the NFL.

Then versus Now: How the 2016 Tigers stack up against the 2013 Tigers


With Clemson’s Fiesta Bowl matchup versus Ohio State just days away we’ll take an in-depth look at how this year’s team compares to the 11-2 team from 2013, who capped their season with an Orange Bowl victory over Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes. This piece will provide a snapshot at both the similarities and differences between two of the best teams to ever play at Clemson.






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Clemson Receiver Detail – Final Edition

Sammy Watkins finishes the season with 101 catches in 135 targets. 72 (53.3%) of those targets were at or behind the line of scrimmage leaving me to wonder who fills that role next year. My guess is Germone Hopper will get the first shot, but several incoming freshmen may help. Let’s not forget Charone Peake will return next season.

Rod McDowell was very good out of the backfield despite a drop against Ohio State and whoever lines up behind whoever the quarterback will has a high standard to reach.

Stanton Seckinger played a big role in the Orange Bowl catching the winning touchdown pass just as he did in the opener against Georgia and Jordan Leggett had a big play earlier in the game.

The tight ends seem to catch the ball fine, but in my opinion their blocking (as a group) leaves a lot to be desired.

**Does not include 0 yard routes in avearge
*Routes at or behind line of scrimmage are counted as 0 yard routes

Receiver Detail Through 11 Games

Sammy Watkins was targeted 8 times against The Citadel, 7 of them on passes at or behind the line of scrimmage and the other only 8 yards downfield. For the season 47.7% of the time Watkins has been targeted it has been at or behind the line of scrimmage.

In two years versus South Carolina Watkins hasn’t done a whole lot, 14 targets, 8 receptions, 0 touchdowns and 1 explosive play. There are multiple reasons for those numbers, but they are what they are.

**Does not include 0 yard routes in avearge
*Routes at or behind line of scrimmage are counted as 0 yard routes

Receiver Detail Through Game 10

After Martavis Bryant’s big day he’s now averaging 12.9 yards per target. Not per reception (20.5), but per time targeted. That’s even better than Sammy Watkins’ average of 11 yards per target.

Watkins has a much higher completion rate (71.7 to 63), but Watkins also has 39 more routes that were at or behind the line of scrimmage (which are more likely to be completed).

An interesting exercise would be to see which of the two have a higher completion rate on throws down field.

Receiver Detail Through Game 9

Sammy Watkins has 66 receptions on 92 targets (71.7%).Averaging 14.9 yards/reception & an amazing 10.7 yards each time targeted. More amazingly that is not even the highest of the regulars as Martavis Bryant comes in at 10.9 yards per target, albeit with a much lower completion rate.

Receiver Detail Through 6 Games

After reaching 46.9% after the South Carolina State game the number of routes at or behind the line of scrimmage has gone down for 4 consecutive games and now sits at 37.1%.

The only significant change that I can think of was the Charone Peake injury that altered not only the makeup of the wide receiver corps, but also the roles of several members of the remaining group.

It’s no surprise that the biggest difference is in the routes run by Adam Humphries.  After two games 75% of Humphries targets were at or behind the line of scrimmage.  We’ve seen Humphries stretch the field in each of the last two weeks and that number now sits at 48.3%.

On the other hand Martavis Bryant who had zero routes behind the line of scrimmage prior to the Peake injury, has 3 in his last 22 targets as the Tigers attempt to make up some of the high percentage routes that were lost when Peake went down.

Receiver Detail 6

Receiver Details Through 5 Games

While the injury to Charone Peake was devestating for the young man and a hit to Clemson’s depth in 2013, it also means that two freshmen, Germone Hopper and Mike Williams, are seeing significant, meaningful snaps, which is crucially important to the Tigers future as there will be no Sammy Watkins, and perhaps no Martavis Bryant, in 2014.

While the redshirt freshman Hopper has seen the field more often early this season, I would expect the true freshman Williams’ role to increase as he proves he can be counted on to catch and block.
Receiver Details 5