May 19, 2019

Receiver Metrics – 13 Games

A look at the receiving metrics for Clemson through 13 games.

Receiver Metrics – 12 games

Metrics for Clemson receivers through 12 games.

Receiver Metrics – 10 Games

A look at the metrics for Clemson receivers through 10 games.


Receiver Metrics – 8 Games

A look at the metrics for Clemson receivers through 8 games.

Receiver Metrics – 7 games

Clemson receiver metrics through 7 games.

Receiver Metrics – 6 games – Hunter Renfrow catches “everything”

A look at the numbers for receivers through 6 games.

Receiver Metrics: New leader in YAC and it ain’t who you think

Receiver metrics through 4 games.

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Usage Chart for Skill Players

Updated through Louisville.

See this for explanation of how numbers are calculated.

Highlighted numbers are season highs.

Receiver Metrics – 3 Games

Detailed numbers for Clemson receivers.

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Returning Receiver Metrics

A look at the metrics for returning receivers.

Target numbers are based on play by play data and occasionally my eyes.  Play by play does not include targets for interceptions, for example.

In the coming season I hope to include the four columns on the right.

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