June 20, 2019

College Football Game Database


5,888 Games

Below is a link to box score type information (+more) for 5,888 College Football games between FBS teams between the 2011 and 2018.

Please feel free to use the information.  All I ask is that the source is properly credited and you provide a link back to the data source (this page).

If you find any mistakes (variations of team names, missing information, wrong conferences) please let me know.

This database will be updated as time permits.

Please note I have corrected several mistakes (point spreads mostly) and added missing games to 2018

(Updated 1/9/2019) DATABASE WILL NOT BE UPDATED IN 2019

College Football Game Data Database

Notes About Data

      1. Point spread information is generally gathered from vegasinsider.com post game.
    1. Only games between 2 FBS teams are included.
    2. Time of Possession (TOP) may not always equal 60 minutes between two teams as some games are stopped early due to weather or other circumstances.
    3. Information is gathered from various sources and changes from time to time due to completeness and accuracy of information.
    4. Beginning with the 2016 data I have added the over/under total as the last column on the right. 
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