June 19, 2019

Clemson Play-By-Play Data

The link below will take you to a google document in spreadsheet form that list the results of every offensive play for Clemson football for the 2011-2017 seasons.

A couple of notes on this project:

  • I typically (but not always) use data from www.clemsontigers.com to populate the spreadsheet. However, in certain instances the data there is incorrect (i.e. “R. Smith” was not the intended target on 3rd and 3 in Clemson’s first drive against N.C. State, Adam Humphries was) and I review the game to determine the correct info, if possible.
  • There have been occasions when my data doesn’t equal the “official stats” from www.clemsontigers.com (or other source).  Though I’m not sure why this occurs, just know that I take painstaking effort to ensure that the data here is as close to “official” as possible and make multiple verifications of the data.
  • If you have questions about the data (for instance there are three play types: Pass, Called Pass and Rush and total rushing yards include both rushes and called passes (sacks) please contact me for clarification – don’t assume the data is incorrect.
  • If you notice anything that appears incorrect or out-of-place, please let me know at seldomusedreserve@gmail.com.   Your help is much appreciated.
  • I’ve taken on this project to provide Clemson fans with data in a way that is useful and can be easily manipulated and sorted and to enable Clemson fans (or anyone else) to become more knowledgeable in discussion of the Tigers offense.  All I ask is that if you use this spreadsheet to obtain data and post the results on a web site or on your own site or blog (or even in an email to your Gamecock buddy) that you provide a link to this page as the source of the data.  

*Note – ClemsonTigers.com shows 1 more play and 3 less yards for the offense. However, individual game totals match the totals here and statistics from ncaa.org match the offensive numbers above.


Clemson Offensive Play by Play 2011-2017 (7,619 Plays)

Clemson Defensive Play by Play 2014-2017 (3,725 Plays)

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