May 19, 2019

50,000 Foot View of College Football

The charts below tell the big picture story of college football from 2011-2013 and cover 2,116 games between two FBS teams.

Some things that I found within the data:

  1. Almost all categories for winners increased (far right column) over the 3 seasons.
  2. Losing teams had reduced numbers in most categories in 2013 compared to 2012.
  3. Turnovers have remained remarkably consistent for both winners – 1.3 per game across all 3 seasons – and losers (slight variation in 2013).
  4. Winning teams average more penalty yards than losers.
  5. While the losing teams yard per pass average has remained constant, the winning teams have increased their yard per pass metric 2.5% over the 3 seasons.
  6. Both have increased their yards per rush, but winners have increased at a higher rate.
  7. Average rush yards for winners has increased by 9.2% and yards per rush by 5.1% for winners from 2011 to 2013.
  8. Scoring is up for both winners (5.7%) and losers (2.9%).
  9. Both winners and losers have increased plays and total yards, but winners have increased at  a higher rate than losers.
  10. As a whole, these numbers tend to lead credence to the theory that offenses are moving faster and have the upper hand (known as the Saban/Bielema Complex)

These numbers lay the foundation for an upcoming analysis by Paul Chimenti who holds an MS in Mathematical Sciences with Statistics Concentration. Paul is using a statatistics package that will arrange offenses and defenses in “clusters” based on metrics from the 2011-2013 seasons.

Winning Teams

2011-2013 Winners

Losing Teams

Losers 2011-2013

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