May 26, 2018

Seldom Used Six Pack: BC Interruption Talks Boston College Eagles

BCHysteria (@bchysteria on Twitter) claims to bleed maroon and gold which is not something you hear every day. The perception that many Clemson fans hold is that Boston area fans are focused on the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and even the Bruins more than college football but that certainly doesn’t apply to the guys over at BC Interruption who are about all things Boston College (along with much more).

We had a chance to grab a few minutes with the aforementioned BCHysteria in between posts, comments and tweets to get his thoughts on Boston College football circa 2011 in the Seldom Used Six Pack. 

We were tempted to ask why the name BC Interruption but we only had six questions…so the mystery remains.

Thanks to BCHysteria and BC Interruption Editor Brian Favat (@bcinterruption) for making this happen. 


SUR:  Why doesn’t Boston College get more respect in ACC preseason polls or from fans of other teams?

BCI:   Part of Boston College’s rich tradition is to be the underdog. They play in a part of the country that doesn’t publicize anything they do, they don’t get the big name recruits, and year after year BC exceeds the national expectations. Look at past years, BC has never started in Top 25 even in the year of Matt Ryan. And while team like FSU will go out and get a chunk of the Rivals 150, BC might be lucky to scoop one. But that’s part of the fun of this team, what diamond in the rough will come out and be the next under the radar star. Who will be the next Mathias Kiwanuka, Matt Hasselbeck or Mike Cloud? But that lack of name recognition makes it hard for other fans and the media to give BC the respect they deserve.


SUR:  What’s the status of Montel Harris and does his injury have a chance to linger?

BCI:  At media day Coach Frank Spaziani said “I’ve seen a different aura about him. It’s back to where it was before he got injured.  He looks like the old Montel: enthusiastic like he’s always been,  working hard like he’s always been, making cuts like he’s always made.” I watched him at the scrimmage on Saturday and he appeared to be the same Harris as we saw last season. Could it linger? Sure. BC fans love to watch him run, but many of us want to see his workload decrease this season. Here is a guy who has ran the ball nearly 600 times the past two seasons, more than any other RB in the ACC. I’d look for more from the passing game, and touches from Rolandan Finch and Andre Williams to take some of that load from Harris. (Also, I just wrote about this subject at BCI, you can read it here:


SUR:  Give us an assessment of Chase Rettig’s strengths and weaknesses.

BCI:  If you were to ask me this last season I would have had a totally different answer. In his freshman campaign Chase Rettig looked nervous, lost, and made poor throws under pressure. Many BC fans were left skeptical of Rettig’s potential, and uneasy about the future of this team. But to fair to Rettig, he was a kid practicing with the third team for the summer and fall, and asked immediately to pick up a struggling offense. Now Offensive Coordinator Gary Tranquill is gone, thank god, and Rettig looks like a QB. He is confident, a leader, and during the an open scrimmage this weekend picked a part the BC defense. I expect a much better year out of Chase Rettig this season.


SUR:  The offensive line has been particularly hard hit by the loss of  Anthony Costanzo, Rich Lapham and Thomas Claiborne.  Who will replace these players and can we expect the typical Boston College offensive line (huge and physical)?

BCI:   The offensive line may be filled with many new starters, but they have been part of this system for years. Emmett Cleary, Nathan Richman, and Mark Spinney are all upper classmen who have had good game experience due to injuries in past seasons. John Wetzel our projected starting left tackle is a Sophomore that Coach Frank Spaziani speaks very highly of. They are all big boys, most over 6’6 and over 300 pounds. Spaz said during Media Day that they are gelling well together, and if they can stay healthy, I don’t feel the O-Line will be much of a concern this season.


SUR:  Similar question on the defensive line.  By my count B.C. lost 3 starters.  Who replaces the starters and what are your expectations for this unit?

BCI:  BC did lose a lot of experience up front with the graduation of Alex Albright, Domick Scafe and Brad Newman. But again BC has three upper classmen with talent ready to step in. Max Holloway, Dillon Quinn and Kaleb Ramsey are all game ready upperclassmen who should make an immediate impact. I’d also keep my eye out for defensive end Mehdi Abdesmad a huge freshman recruited out of Canada . It is important to note that the pass rush is not something a Spaz run defense focuses on, so BC starters may not get the big sacks that other D-lineman get. But what they will do is prevent big plays, stuff the run, and get just enough pressure to force the opposition into mistakes. > 


SUR:  What are your expectations for the season, both overall and within the ACC?

BCI:   The Eagles are going to be a team that come out of nowhere this year. With an offense that finally clicks, and a solid defense they should do better than the pundits project. Though they have a difficult stretch of games (VT, Clemson, ND on the road), I expect them to win a few games they aren’t projected to win. They are going to give FSU all they can handle, and I believe they will stun Miami on the road. There will be growing pains for this team, but an 8-4 and 5-3 in the ACC wouldn’t be out of the question.


  1. Bleeding Maroon and Gold is something I hear all the time every day! Go Eagles!

    Thanks for doing this Q&A!


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