May 26, 2018

Pre-ACC Plus/Minus

Here are the Plus/Minus stats for the pre-ACC season.  I wanted to take a snapshot now to compare it to what happens as the Tigers leap into ACC play.

Demarcus Harrison has had two straight great + games, but they have been against lesser competition.  Can he keep that going (or some portion of it) in conference?

You can say the same thing about Jordan Roper, who had been sitting at about 0 prior to the S.C. State and Citadel games.

Then, of course, there is Adonis Filer who had an almost perfect night against the Citadel, but the fact is the team was only +12 (despite his 21 points) in his time on the court.  How this translates to ACC play is going to be interesting to watch.  But just know this – on a per minute basis Filer’s contribution has been closer to Bernard Sullivan than  Jordan Roper.

Plus-Minus 010513

Landry Nnoko’s development will also be an interesting case.  I don’t expect him to contribute in the +0.27 per minute range, but he is one of those “anything he contributes is a bonus” type players at this stage of his career.  The next week will go a long way in determining if his Nnoko’s huge + night against Arizona was a signal or simply noise.

I plan on developing additional stats as we transition from football to basketball season.

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