November 30, 2015

Updated Offensive Tempo Stats

Clemson makes a move, which is not surprising considering 102 plays and 754 yards gained against North Carolina State.  The bigger question for me is what happens this week and will Clemson be closer to 70 plays or 90?  It could make the difference in the game on Saturday.

Offensive Tempo Week 12


  1. I may have missed a past article on this but how is the etempo calculated? what is the formula?

    • Marty Coleman says:

      I go into some detail here, but basically it is # of plays vs. national average (50%) and yards per play vs. national average (50%).

      Investigating ways to include strength of defenses in there for next season.

  2. Marty Coleman says:

    Oh, I think there is definitely a correlation. Last season, prior to the season I wrote a piece called “Defensive Paradigm Shift” where I suggested that Clemson fans needed to get used to seeing something new – i.e. less 17-10 games, less close games. There would be wins by large margins, but also losses by large margins. As we found out last year – when this offense is bad, it’s real bad.

    The Malzahn book was very instructive and gave me insight on what to expect. Risky defensive strategies and gambles, because ultimately the belief is you only have to stop them one more time than they stop you and stopping you ain’t easy in this offense. It’s the polar opposite of my entire Clemson football life which was “Trust The Defense”. Now, it is “Trust The Offense” and hold on when you’re on D. Every stop, or even holding the opponent to a FG is a huge win.

    I may do a study in the offseason on teams that moved from a standard offense to a hurry up offense and how that changed things on the defensive side. Clemson would be example 1.

    And – you kinda hit on my Keep An Eye On topic for Friday…number of plays…less than 70 on Saturday and we are in trouble…70-80 we are just OK, 80 and north of 80 better for Clemson.

  3. SC can beat us by just running or just passing but my keep an eye on is yards per carry for SC and turnovers. I think if we hold them to 150 or less running as a team and can generate two turnovers we are in good shape. We must make them stand in the pocket and make the throw and we must have 3 or more sacks.

    It is so hard to know which defense shows up and can thy play smart for a whole ball game.

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