September 2, 2015

Tajh Boyd by Distance and Area of Field

  • Tajh Boyd went over 7,000 career passing yards Saturday (7,098). Boyd needs 2,568 yards to break Charlie Whitehurst’s school record.
  • Boyd is completing 72% of passes to the left, helped by 27 for 27 on passes behind line of scrimmage to left.
  • Boyd has 1,160 yards on passes to left and 1,157 on passes to right. (624 to middle).
  • On deep balls (21+ yards) Boyd is 28 for 51 (54.9%), 1,047 yards, 12 TDs, 4 Ints. 20.5 yards per attempt.
  • Deep right (21+ yards) Boyd is 15 for 23 (65.2%), 508 yards 4 TDs 1 Int. 22.1 yards per attempt.

Boyd by Area G10

Clemson Baseball

Clemson head coach Jack Leggett, left, chats with pitching coach Dan Pepicelli  during a timeout in their baseball game against North Carolina on Sunday in Clemson.

Mark Crammer Independent Mail

Final 2015 Clemson Baseball Metrics

Pitching Batting


Updated Baseball Metrics – 59 Games

Pitching Batting

Crownover 2

Second Look: Matthew Crownover’s Amazing Numbers

Yesterday, Clemson Baseball put out a nice graphic that included metrics compiled by junior left-hander and ACC pitcher of the year Matthew Crownover.  While the graphic was eye catching and paid ample tribute to the season Crownover is having, my mind works in a different way.  What do those (and other) stats really mean on […]

Zack Erwin

Crownover and Erwin

The graph below shows the pitching game scores for each of the 14 starts in 2015 by Matthew Crownover and Zack Erwin.  First thing I notice is the wild fluctuations within Erwin’s season, with game scores ranging from between 20 and 75.  He’s had three streaks of back to back solid outings, his most recent […]

Weston Wilson

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 44 Games

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Clate Schmidt

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 41 Games

Pitching Batting


  1. You forget how good Charlie Whitehurst was till I see those number he put up. Granted, it was with a lot more throws but the dude was a great qb and 4-0 against SC!!

    No injuries with Tajh and he will own almost ever record we have on offense for qb.

    Why can’t we run the ball anymore?

    • Marty Coleman says:

      My opinion on the running issues is…the offensive line…I think they played their best game against Auburn and Auburn simply isn’t that good at rushing defense. When I pointed out to some that Auburn was ranked 107 in rush defense about 4 games into the season the answer I got was “that was because of what Clemson did”. That was partly true, but as it has played out Auburn isn’t that good and neither is the Clemson OL. There’s a reason they’re cross training Mac Clain.

      And Clemson would have given up about 15 more sacks if Tajh hadn’t gotten a lot quicker and more nimble in the offseason.

      I’ve got no idea how they are going to handle Clowney.

      • USC will be about our defense, I think. We can’t let the score more than 28. If their defense plays well it will be a long night and if Conner and their back can run the ball it won’t be pretty on Clemson websites.
        Clemson can win but we won’t put 30 points on them unless there are a bunch of turnovers. They are much better than Clemson fans want to admit.

        I do hope we hammer NC State. I feel like we owe them one from last year.

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