August 30, 2015

Macro View of College Football

It’s been about three weeks since we last reported on college football as a whole and while some things have changed slightly, others have been reinforced.

  • 2012 can be described as the year of the turnover.  They have become much more important to winning this year than last and winners average 1 turnover less per game than losers.
  • Home field advantage while a factor, is not what it appears to be across the board.  Perhaps for specific teams, but not in general and it is almost non-existent in conference games.
  • Winners average more penalty yards than losers and here’s an odd stat that I tweeted on Thursday – Teams with 100+ yards in penalties are 42-26 (61.76%) in 2012.

2012 Summary10

Clemson Baseball

Clemson head coach Jack Leggett, left, chats with pitching coach Dan Pepicelli  during a timeout in their baseball game against North Carolina on Sunday in Clemson.

Mark Crammer Independent Mail

Final 2015 Clemson Baseball Metrics

Pitching Batting


Updated Baseball Metrics – 59 Games

Pitching Batting

Crownover 2

Second Look: Matthew Crownover’s Amazing Numbers

Yesterday, Clemson Baseball put out a nice graphic that included metrics compiled by junior left-hander and ACC pitcher of the year Matthew Crownover.  While the graphic was eye catching and paid ample tribute to the season Crownover is having, my mind works in a different way.  What do those (and other) stats really mean on […]

Zack Erwin

Crownover and Erwin

The graph below shows the pitching game scores for each of the 14 starts in 2015 by Matthew Crownover and Zack Erwin.  First thing I notice is the wild fluctuations within Erwin’s season, with game scores ranging from between 20 and 75.  He’s had three streaks of back to back solid outings, his most recent […]

Weston Wilson

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 44 Games

Batting Pitching

Clate Schmidt

Clemson Baseball Metrics – 41 Games

Pitching Batting

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