August 30, 2015

Short Yardage Offense Successful 84% of Time

Several weeks ago we took a look at the success of the short yardage offense in 2012. This was one of the areas that Clemson struggled in back in 2011. Things have improved this year, whether it’s the Pistol formation, the offensive line, Tajh Boyd’s running ability or a combination of factors.

Through 9 games the Tigers have gotten a first down or touchdown in 16 of 19 third and 1’s (or 3rd and goal from the 1) a success rate of 84.2% On fourth down Clemson has been successful in 5 of 6 of these situations (83.3%). Together Clemson is 21 of 25 in 3rd and 4th and 1 (or goal) – 84%.

Short Yardage 9

Clemson Baseball

Clemson head coach Jack Leggett, left, chats with pitching coach Dan Pepicelli  during a timeout in their baseball game against North Carolina on Sunday in Clemson.

Mark Crammer Independent Mail

Final 2015 Clemson Baseball Metrics

Pitching Batting


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Crownover 2

Second Look: Matthew Crownover’s Amazing Numbers

Yesterday, Clemson Baseball put out a nice graphic that included metrics compiled by junior left-hander and ACC pitcher of the year Matthew Crownover.  While the graphic was eye catching and paid ample tribute to the season Crownover is having, my mind works in a different way.  What do those (and other) stats really mean on […]

Zack Erwin

Crownover and Erwin

The graph below shows the pitching game scores for each of the 14 starts in 2015 by Matthew Crownover and Zack Erwin.  First thing I notice is the wild fluctuations within Erwin’s season, with game scores ranging from between 20 and 75.  He’s had three streaks of back to back solid outings, his most recent […]

Weston Wilson

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Clate Schmidt

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  1. Reading through that chart, Tajh’s running seems to be one of the differences after the fact that the line is performing better and is more athletic at the guard position. Having to cover the option of running back, qb, or very talented receives in that short yardage has made a difference here.

    I really wish Clemson could find a bruiser at rb. We have not had one in a long time.

  2. Marty Coleman says:

    I think it’s fair to say Tajh’s running is the biggest factor, but there has also been some improvement up front (perhaps inconsistent) because the RBs are also doing better also. Mixed in a pass or two this year to boot.

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