June 20, 2018

Ground Boyd

Tajh Boyd has escaped many jams in the backfield this year. He reminds me of one of those quarterbacks I used to hate. You know, the kind that play for the opposing team and always seem to get away from the rush to not only to avoid the sack, but to somehow get just enough yards for a first down, especially on third down.

The chart below shows just how effective Boyd has been on third down. True, the chart doesn’t include sacks. The point here is not only does he escape many times on third downs, but Boyd excels at getting first downs with his feet once he escapes.

Boyd – Third Down Rushing G8 

Think about how that extends drives: More than two-thirds of the time on third down Boyd gets a first down or touchdown running. Over 80% of the time Boyd is successful on third and 5 or less. And, as an example, remember our post on Bulldozer Boyd after the Boston College game. He was sacked. The drive was over. Then Tajh met, and ran over,Steele Divitto for a first down.


Remarkable numbers for a quarterback that was nicknamed “Fat Boy” by his teammates last year.


  1. that is scary good. we need to pay attention. we are seeing Clemson’s all time greatest qb no doubt about it.

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