May 26, 2018

Looking Back – Game 1

  • Wednesday we gave you the six most important stats in college football. Clemson had better numbers in 5 of the 6 on Saturday.
  • I  picked Brandon Ford as the Clemson player to “Keep and Eye On”.  Ford had 5 catches for 51 yards and 2 official dropped passes while being targeted 9 times in 35 attempts in the game.  Four of Ford’s 5 receptions went for first downs and 1 was an explosive play of 22 yards. 
  • Clemson had 12 drives in the game and only 1 three and out.
  • The trend continues – but this time with success.  The Tigers faced 2 third and 1’s and 1 fourth and 1, ran Ellington all three times and were successful on all three plays.  Under Morris Clemson now has run on 3rd and 4th and 1 39 consecutive times.
  • Andre Ellington was a man.
  • Tig Willard was all over the field with 8 tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, a sack and a fumble recovery.
  • Josh Watson was another player who seemed to be in the middle of every play.  Watson finished with 5 tackles and a forced fumble.
  • We’ve talked endlessly about the way the NCAA counts red zone stats and this game was a perfect example.  The official stats show Auburn scored all three times they entered the red zone.  They did – they were all field goals.
  • The much maligned Clemson defense held Auburn to 4 of 13 on third down conversions.  Some of that was due to Frazier’s inconsistency, but still very encouraging.
  • Speaking of the defense, I’m not sure I’ve seen receivers as open as Auburn’s were on several occasions.  Worrisome.
  • Anyone else think this is the Chad Morris’s final season at Clemson? 


  1. Morris’s final season? Possible, but that would entail him not receiving another extension from the AD. I think he may be given a shot to go elsewhere, but I don’t think he will leave Clemson until his current contact ends.

  2. Marty Coleman says:

    It’s not about extensions in my mind. He wants to be a head coach and the iron will be hot. One thing in Clemson’s favor is his daughter going to HS in Clemson. I think she has two years left, so maybe he comes back.

    Also a factor is which jobs come open….

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