March 22, 2018

Upon Further Review: Florida State



FSU’s Briant Burns was a force all game long and it started off early against Pollard. Too quick on his feet and Pollard isn’t able to stay in front.


Want to highlight this route from Hunter Renfrow. Great footwork, really sells the underneath crossing route well before cutting hard and back outside. So good.


My gosh is Tre Lamar a ridiculous combination of speed and strength. Almost felt bad for James Blackman here as he gets rocked by Lamar in full force. Lamar has really stepped up his play lately, has added tons of confidence through experience.


Falcinelli actually gets beat pretty badly here by #90, who has a clear shot at KB. Some of the little things that Bryant can do that may go unappreciated at times, like a subtle cut to elude a defensive tackle in a goalline situation.



Trayvon Mullen played by far his best game in a Clemson uniform Saturday night. Right on the receiver’s hip on the deep ball, able to create an incompletion.



Liked the RB dump-off/flares that the OC’s used on Saturday, getting the RB’s into space. Essentially an extension of the run game, yet provides an easier and shorter throw for KB than a WR screen out to the sideline. Not to mention, utilizing Etienne in situations like this provides him with a chance to get a full head of steam in space.


I like the idea here, again, with the RB screen look and then coming back to the receiver on the other side. However, I honestly think this may have gone for 6 if Bryant dumps it off to Feaster. 3 blockers, including 2 OL’s, against two FSU DB’s. Also, when was the last time we saw a RB screen?



I wanted to highlight this drive for Kelly Bryant’s arm, as it was in my opinion, one of his best of the season. Obviously he’s had some issues throughout the year, particularly overthrowing passes. On this drive, however, it’s noticeable how much he steps into his throws with his body, keeping the ball more on a line and providing extra zip. Starting here to Trevion…


And again now to Renfrow, great ball between defenders with some mustard on it.


Steps into it again, on a line to Deon Cain. KB’s in rhythm right now.


Steps in and through on the slant to Rodgers.


Unfortunately, Burns rears his ugly head once again, this time getting a hand out to strip Tavien Feaster. Great individual play.



Another guy played his best game in a Clemson uniform Saturday, that being DT Albert Huggins. Perhaps with Lawrence out and knowing it was his time to shine, it provided the extra confidence and juice to be a difference maker. Whips the LG bad.


Looking back on it, this game was so close to getting entirely out of hand. I mean, how fortunate was FSU that this didn’t turn into either a safety or a touchdown? Great get-off from Ferrell…


Props to Richard and Hearn for creating the hole, and to Etienne for recognizing and cutting into it.



Burns once again. The guy single-handledly probably saved FSU from allowing another 2 TD’s.


Insanely good one on one coverage against a taller receiver by Ryan Carter. If this catch it made, FSU has a solid opportunity for a FG or even a TD before the half.



Huggins being a force against the LG once again. He was a man possessed.


Flare out to Etienne in space. Feed the man.


Lack of confidence can be a killer. Tough to understand why Bryant didn’t unleash this ball to Powell. Cornell has his man beat so bad that the throw didn’t even have to be perfect. Let it rip.


More Huggins with great push.


O’Daniel didn’t have the best night in coverage. Eyes get caught in the backfield with Terrell coming in on a blitz and loses a man behind him. Very fortunate this wasn’t 6 or at least a first down.



Tough drop for Cain, knowing that he was leaning towards the sideline and felt the necessity to look to check his feet. Another missed opportunity that could’ve put the game away.


O’Daniel’s eyes get caught in the backfield again, this time from the smoke and mirrors. Clemson gets burned on busted coverage this time around.


Great job from Van Smith to read the eyes of Blackman across the field to jump the route. Play of the game, following the mounting FSU momentum from the KB fumble.


There are some things you just can’t teach. The vast majority of receivers catch this ball in stride and keep their momentum to push upfield. Renfrow feels out the defender and has the awareness to stop on a dime and cut back the other direction, allowing the defender to pass by.


Another set of fantastic blocks from Richard and Hearn, along with Etienne’s ridiculous leg strength to motor on through. Feed the man.



Last but not least, an insanely good diving pass breakup from Trayvon Mullen to essentially end FSU’s chances.

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