March 24, 2018

Upon Further Review: NC State



Pretty mind boggling situation here to be honest. Harmon is NC State’s biggest receiver at 6’3″ and Clemson rolls in 5’8″(at best) third string CB Amir Trapp on a third and long on the Pack’s first drive. Trapp is stuck in a bad spot already, then with the Muse blitz he doesn’t have any help over the top. Clemson’s DB’s need to get healthy in a hurry.


It was only a matter of time until McCloud finally took a punt to the house. Funny that it just so happened to be the day he switches numbers. Truly an amazing punt return, one of the best I’ve seen in quite awhile. Nothing easy about it as he had to break several tackles and make guys miss.


Game after game, Renfrow is turning into the best and definitely most critical part of the Clemson receiving corps. Always there when you need a big play.



Everyone knows that KB’s deep ball wasn’t exactly on point Saturday, and for that matter, very few of his tosses were. Out of all of them, this one was the worst and hopefully just an anomaly to underthrow Thompson this bad. Walk in touchdown if he’s able to hang it up there and hit him in stride.



I believe I talked last week about how much I like it when Clemson pulls blockers on run plays. Love the motion of McCloud to pull the LB’s just out of position, and then counter with the pulling LT and LG.


Really cool playcall here from Elliott and hard to defend against a running QB you must honor as well. Inside pitch lets Etienne get his acceleration started before even receiving the ball. Powell across the field shows a receiver set that Clemson often utilizes for a KB rollout to the right which pulls #45 out of position.


Difficult to tell if it was more of NC State’s offensive line or Clemson’s defensive line this weekend when it came to lack of pass rush. Perhaps a combination of both, along with the frustrations associated with Finley getting the ball out so quickly that there isn’t much time to create push. D-line depth has been a concern all season, and this far into it is when the fatigue and toll of tons of snaps start to set in.




Really good of KB to keep his head up and know where his receiver are, as he turns and passes to Richard just in the nick of time.


Absolutely on of the plays of the game. Clemson may provide the best pooch punting QB’s in the nation between this and Watson’s in the championship game. Can’t do it any better than this, and it flips the field prior to a 14-0 run by the Tigers.


Same idea as with KB’s TD earlier, man in motion to pull LB’s out of the way and pulling blockers. Hearn and Richard do well here to get out and on a man.


Really well set up to sell the run. McCloud coming on jet sweep action, Etienne to outside, and Hearn pulling. Good release from Cain and honestly a solid deep ball from Bryant. Unsure what happened here, but I feel like it should’ve resulted in more than an incompletion. Would’ve at least liked to see Cain sell out for it.


The overthrows on intermediate tosses have been an issue at times throughout the season, but certainly most prominent on Saturday. Seems like Bryant is just releasing the ball too early and not stepping through the throw with his body weight. Have to hit this one. What a move by Renfrow to get open, though.


Whew. Clemson caught quite a break on this one. This is what’s difficult for corners when providing lots of cushion. NC State has been throwing slant after slant and Carter has to get downhill as quickly as possible since there’s several yards of space between him and the receiver. Much more difficult to turn his hips and change directions when the receiver throws a curveball at him.


Regardless of the inconsistencies in the passing game, this is just an amazing individual play by Bryant. Critical third down, escapes, and puts the ball on the money. Not many guys in college football that can do this.


KB went straight into gamer mode in the second half. Receiver action, pulling blockers, KB getting to the outside on a safety.


I know this was called back, but love seeing this playcall when you have two running threats the defense has to try and play against. Not only that, but it’s a great way to get Etienne to the outside with speed. Props to Richard and Cain on their blocking downfield as well.



As a whole, the Clemson defense likely wasn’t to thrilled with their performance, but this was a really well defended RPO.



Odd to see a two-man rush on a third and long play. Finley is too comfortable in the pocket, doesn’t feel rushed, and can wait for his man to get open.


Phenomenal individual effort and push by Wilkins to close out the hole, force the RB to cut back, and force the Wolfpack to punt.



Really nice play by Crowder to get leverage and turn his man, along with Hearn to pull and block, creating the massive hole for Feaster. And lets not forget to take a peek at the long strides of Tee Higgins, as he glides down the field alongside Feaster. Wow.



Muse has been picked on in pass coverage several times this season, and gets caught flat footed here from the NC State action. Great play design from the Wolfpack though to move the linebacker and get Muse thinking run.


You’d think after getting nearly burned for jumping the slant earlier, that Ryan Carter might sit back and not cheat. Carter plays this pretty much perfectly and his cheating on the slant pays off this time. Critical turnover forced after NC State had scored on their previous drive.


Back to the Harmon vs Trapp mismatch and the difficulties with Clemson’s DB depth.



Very next play the Pack get Harmon against a short receiver in Ray Ray McCloud. McCloud getting his first CB action on a final drive of a one touchdown game, not great.



What a freaking play by K’Von Wallace. The biggest play of the day as the receiver gets behind O’Daniel’s tired legs. Wallace laying the lumber and running through the receiver to force an incompletion. The kid just makes plays and I, for one, would like to see him getting more snaps back there.

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