March 22, 2018

Upon Further Review: Wake Forest




We’ll kick things off with the opening drive touchdown, a good throw from Kelly Bryant. Really like seeing Tavien Feaster sticking his head in there against the blitzing LB to provide Bryant just enough time to get the ball off.


Fantastic touch from Kelly Bryant on this third down toss. Over the linebacker and splitting the defensive backs.


Pollard gets beat when the end goes inside. Etienne’s ridiculous lower body strength shows itself off again, shrugging off the would be tackle.



This was amazing. Venables elected to allow his linebacker Dorian O’Daniel to play in man coverage against Wake Forest’s fastest receivers throughout the day. How often do you see a LB being able to handle that responsibility? As a result, WF targeted whoever DOD was covering throughout the game and he held his own. Below is against WF’s best receiver, Greg Dortch, and O’Daniel looks more like a corner than a linebacker. Versatility through the roof.


As noted in the film preview, #53 Duke Ejiofor would be a difficult test for Clemson’s offensive line. Beats Anchrum badly with a spin move.



Pretty darn impressive throw from Bryant here, hitting McCloud all the way from the right hash.


WF brings a stunt on the right side and Etienne is only in position to pass protect on the left. Ends in an ugly sack. Kelly Bryant has escaped sacks several times this season and it seems as though he’s gotten confidence to try his luck to escape rather than throw the ball away.


More Dorian in coverage, late arriving too.


WF brings Ejiofor inside to face OG’s in pass rush situations. Crowder struggles pass protecting against the speed and quickness of Ejiofor, and it’ll be interesting if teams down the road test out the Clemson OG’s in similar fashion.


Ejiofor moves over the other side to face Hearn and wins.


Considered by many, including myself, as a breakout candidate, Cornell Powell has surprisingly struggled to see snaps this season. Powell’s likely frustrated with his year thus far, so it was refreshing to see him put in this kind of effort on special teams. Between this and his reception on the fake punt, Powell made a solid impact.


Good on Isaiah Simmons to get his head turned late and break up the pass. Maybe the boxing gloves during practice were the answer for the secondaries pass interference issues, as the “no fly zone” has improved TREMENDOUSLY this season.


Follow that up with a phenomenal pass breakup on third down, courtesy of Mark Fields.


More DOD in coverage…





Going after O’Daniel in coverage early in the second half.


Noticeable confidence coming from McCloud in punt return situations, especially this past weekend. Although a couple solid returns were called back for penalties, the vision and explosiveness are starting to come together for Ray Ray. He may bust one open very, very soon.


Well designed pick play for Hunter Renfrow on fourth down.


Favorite play of the afternoon, and one that a true freshman shouldn’t be able to make. Unreal coverage and pass breakup from AJ Terrell, you can’t do it any better. Wow.


Closing speed on full display. As soon as the defense recognizes the QB keeper, Joseph, Muse, and O’Daniel fly into the play and create the stop.



More secondary excellence, this time from Tanner Muse.



Tee Higgins’ light is starting to come on as he becomes increasingly more comfortable with the college football game. The grab and the angry lowering of the shoulder. He deserves to see more snaps going forward.


Not a comparison or a “so and so should start” statement, but this is the best thrown WR screen all season. Ball is out quick, coming in hot, and right in stride of TJ Chase. Johnson really throws a pretty ball.


Really like the patience of Johnson, keeping and holding the ball low to really sell the play fake.


I’m curious if Hunter Johnson meant to keep this ball high for Amari Rodgers or just got lucky. Great break from the corner and this is a pick six if not thrown high, good reach and snag from Rodgers to reel it in.


As great as his pass break up was earlier, a freshman busted coverage from AJ Terrell gives the Demon Deacons their second touchdown. Clemson is in zone coverage, but Terrell plays man which opens up the left corner of the endzone.

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