May 26, 2018

Successful vs. Non-Successful Plays Part IV: Passing

The final post in our series on “Successful” plays. You can find Part I , Part II and Part III in previous posts and Part I includes the definition of a successful play, which I originally found on Smart Football.

If you’ve read the post on receivers, the numbers below should come as no surprise.  For all the big plays, yards, touchdowns and points, just over half of the Tiger pass attempts are classified as successful.

Name Pass Attempts
Successful % Successful
Boyd 453 231 50.99
Stoudt 20 8 40.00
Watkins 1 1 100.00
Ellington 1 0 0.00
Hopkins 2 0 0.00
Team 1 0 0.00
Total 478 240 50.21


Maybe that’s not bad news – after all, that means that there is room for improvement in 2012.

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