January 17, 2018

Successful vs. Non-Successful Plays Part IV: Passing

The final post in our series on “Successful” plays. You can find Part I , Part II and Part III in previous posts and Part I includes the definition of a successful play, which I originally found on Smart Football.

If you’ve read the post on receivers, the numbers below should come as no surprise.¬† For all the big plays, yards, touchdowns and points, just over half of the Tiger pass attempts are classified as successful.

Name Pass Attempts
Successful % Successful
Boyd 453 231 50.99
Stoudt 20 8 40.00
Watkins 1 1 100.00
Ellington 1 0 0.00
Hopkins 2 0 0.00
Team 1 0 0.00
Total 478 240 50.21


Maybe that’s not bad news – after all, that means that there is room for improvement in 2012.

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