December 13, 2018

Recruiting Rewind

I ran this feature nearly a year ago, and after registering another top 10 recruiting class it only makes sense to revisit the accumulation of talent under Dabo Swinney’s reign. And with several weeks before Spring football gets underway hopefully this feature will serve to appease you football nuts looking for a small fix.

Clemson fans have been awfully spoiled with the abundance of talent acquisitions since Swinney was named head coach back in 2008. Numerous facility upgrades, an emphasis on social media, the implementation of “Clemson Google”, a relentless effort from the staff, and on the field production have all combined to put Clemson on the map as a priority destination for the nation’s best prospects. The 2016 class is a prime example of Clemson’s newfound national appeal as the staff was able to nab pledges from 2 of the top 3 players out of Kansas. The Tigers also hold verbal commitments from Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, and Indiana in the 2017 class. This sort of national appeal is not something we’re akin to seeing around here.

Former head coach Tommy Bowden did a respectable job of bringing in talent during his tenure, but under Swinney’s direction this program has taken a step up to the elite tier in the recruiting world. There is enough talent stockpiled on the current roster that even the second string is littered with former blue chip prospects. And with the Tigers coming off a national championship appearance, expect the staff to boost their recruiting efforts even more in the 2017 and 2018 classes.

NOTE: I’m going to start with the 2010 recruiting class, since the “Dandy Dozen” in 2009 was a patchwork class after Bowden’s departure. Also, Rivals star ranking system was used.

2010: 21 Commitments
5-Star: None
4-Star: 7
3-Star: 13
2-Star: 1
Average Rating: 3.35
In-State: 7
Out of State: 14
Gems: Vic Beasley (***), Sam Cooper (**), Bashaud Breeland (***),
Busts: Desmond Brown (****), Justin Paker (****)
Other Notables: Tavares Barnes (****), Nuk Hopkins (****), Demont Buice (Transfer), Joe Craig (Transfer),
*Added Crawford & Bryant to ’11 class (Prep School)

2011: 27 Commitments
5-Star: 4
4-Star: 6
3-Star: 13
2-Star: 4
Average Rating: 3.37
In-State: 12
Out of State: 15
Gems: Adam Humphries (**), Grady Jarrett (***), Robert Smith (***)
Busts: Mike Bellamy (*****), Cortez Davis (****), Lateek Townsend (****)
Other Notables: Stephone Anthony (*****), Martavis Bryant (****), Corey Crawford (****), Tony Steward (*****), Sammy Watkins (*****)
*Added Battle & Dodd to ’12 class (Prep School)

2012: 19 Commitments
5-Star: None
4-Star: 8
3-Star: 11
2-Star: None
Average Rating: 3.42
In-State: 9
Out of State: 15
Gems: Kevin Dodd (****), Jay Guillermo (***), Cordrea Tankersley (***)
Busts: Isaiah Battle (****), Chad Kelly (Transfer), Ronald Geohaghan (Transfer)
Other Notables: Carlos Watkins (****), Travis Blanks (****), Bradley Pinion (***), DJ Reader (***), Germone Hopper (****)
*Added Lawson to ’13 class (Prep School)

2013: 22 Commitments
5-Star: None
4-Star: 10
3-Star: 9
2-Star: 3
Average Rating: 3.32
In-State: 5
Out of State: 17
Notables: Mackensie Alexander (****), Ben Boulware (****), Wayne Gallman (***), Jayron Kearse (****), Mike Williams (****), Shaq Lawson (****), TJ Green (**), Jordan Leggett (***)
*Added Priester to ’14 class (Prep School)

2014: 20 Commitments
5-Star: 1
4-Star: 9
3-Star: 10
2-Star: None
Average Rating: 3.45
In-State: 7
Out of State: 13
Notables: Deshaun Watson (*****), Artavis Scott (****), Adam Choice (****), Kyrin Priester (Transfer), Demarre Kitt (Transfer), Korie Rogers (Transfer)
*Did not add JD & Judah Davis (greyshirts)

2015: 22 Commitments
5-Star: 3
4-Star: 9
3-Star: 10
2-Star: None
Average Rating: 3.68
In-State: 6
Out of State: 16
Notables: Deon Cain (*****), Mitch Hyatt (****), Ray Ray McCloud (*****), Christian Wilkins (*****), Austin Bryant (****), Garrett Williams (****)
*Did not add Amir Trapp (greyshirt)

2016: 20 Commitments
5-Star: 3
4-Star: 10
3-Star: 6
2-Star: 1
Average Rating: 3.75
In-State: 3
Out of State: 17
Notables: Dexter Lawrence (*****), Tre Lamar (*****), Shaq Smith (*****), Tavien Feaster (****), Trayvon Mullen (****), Xavier Kelly (****), Cornell Powell (****)
*Did not add Cade Stewart (greyshirt)

Commitments: 151
Average Commits: 21.6
5-Stars: 11
4-Stars: 58
3-Stars: 73
2-Stars: 9
Average Star Rating: 3.47
In-State: 49
Out of State: 102

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