July 22, 2018

Recruiting Rewind

2015 Clemson Recruits. Source:Twitter account of Van Smith

2015 Clemson Recruits. Source:Twitter account of Van Smith

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Editor’s Note: Chris Cox writes about Clemson recruiting on his site Tiger Talk.  You can follow Chris on Twitter at @TigerTalk_CU

Recruiting has become a focus for guys like me who just can’t seem to get enough out of the football-filled Fall Saturday’s. Recruiting has almost become a sport within itself and, as proven by Alabama, it is crucial to on field success.

Clemson fans, myself included, have been spoiled with recruiting success since Dabo Swinney was named head coach. Facility upgrades, Clemson Google, and the staff’s uncanny ability to get in on prospects early have paid dividends on the recruiting trail for the Tigers.

Former coach Tommy Bowden did a decent job of bringing in talent, but Swinney has stockpiled enough talent that Clemson has former 4-stars sitting the bench at nearly every position. Make no doubts about it, this program is on as stable ground as it’s ever been thanks to the abundance of talent on campus.

In lieu of Clemson signing what is arguably their most talented recruiting class ever, we will take a look at the numbers to see just how good Dabo and company have been in regards to bringing elite talent to the Upstate. I’m going to start with the 2010 recruiting class, since the “Dandy Dozen” in 2009 was a patchwork class after Bowden’s departure.

2010: 21 Commitments
5-Star: None
4-Star: 7
3-Star: 13
2-Star: 1
Average Rating: 3.35
In-State: 7
Out of State: 14
Gems: Vic Beasley (***), Sam Cooper (**), Bashaud Breeland (***),
Busts: Desmond Brown (****), Justin Paker (****)
Notables: Tavares Barnes (****), Nuk Hopkins (****), Demont Buice (Transfer), Joe Craig (Transfer),
*Added Crawford & Bryant to ’11 class (Prep School)

2011: 27 Commitments
5-Star: 4
4-Star: 6
3-Star: 13
2-Star: 4
Average Rating: 3.37
In-State: 12
Out of State: 15
Gems: Adam Humphries (**), Grady Jarrett (***), Robert Smith (***)
Busts: Mike Bellamy (*****), Cortez Davis (****), Lateek Townsend (****)
Notables: Stephone Anthony (*****), Martavis Bryant (****), Corey Crawford (****), Tony Steward (*****), Sammy Watkins (*****)
*Added Battle & Dodd to ’12 class (Prep School)

2012: 19 Commitments
5-Star: None
4-Star: 8
3-Star: 11
2-Star: None
Average Rating: 3.42
In-State: 9
Out of State: 15
Notables: Isaiah Battle (****), Travis Blanks (****), Bradley Pinion (***), DJ Reader (***), Chad Kelly (Transfer)
*Added Lawson to ’13 class (Prep School)

2013: 22 Commitments
5-Star: None
4-Star: 10
3-Star: 9
2-Star: 3
Average Rating: 3.32
In-State: 5
Out of State: 17
Notables: Mackensie Alexander (****), Ben Boulware (****), Wayne Gallman (***), Jayron Kearse (****), Mike Williams (****), Korrin Wiggins (***)
*Added Priester to ’14 class (Prep School)

2014: 20 Commitments
5-Star: 1
4-Star: 9
3-Star: 10
2-Star: None
Average Rating: 3.45
In-State: 7
Out of State: 13
Notables: Deshaun Watson (*****), Artavis Scott (****), Adam Choice (****), Kyrin Priester (Transfer), Jaelon Oglesby (DNQ), Demarre Kitt (Transfer)
*Did not add JD & Judah Davis

2015: 22 Commitments
5-Star: 3
4-Star: 9
3-Star: 10
2-Star: None
Average Rating: 3.68
In-State: 6
Out of State: 16
Notables: Deon Cain (*****), Mitch Hyatt (****), Ray Ray McCloud (*****), Christian Wilkins (*****), Mark Fields (****), Albert Huggins (****)
*Did not add Amir Trapp

Commitments: 131
Average Commits: 21.8
5-Stars: 8
4-Stars: 48
3-Stars: 67
2-Stars: 8
Average Star Rating: 3.42
In-State: 46
Out of State: 85

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