May 19, 2019

Quarterback – Snaps Lost and Returning

Who’s #2? We all know who will begin 2015 as the starting quarterback.  The bigger question is after suffering three injuries that caused him to miss time (including the spring game) in 2014 will Deshaun Watson make it through 2015 from start to finish (whenever that may be).  For that reason the biggest question for me heading into the spring is who will back up Watson.

As we saw last season with Clemson (and Ohio State for that matter) the answer to that question can have huge ramifications for your season and program.

QB Snaps 2014

Whoever is #2 will have minimal or 0 snaps under their belt and certainly 0 meaningful snaps.

Vote in the poll to the right for who you think will be the #2 quarterback in 2015.

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