February 27, 2015

Basketball Metrics – 27 Games


Complete through 27 games.

2014-15 Basketball Sum 272014-15 Basketball dUsage 272014-15 Basketball Pace 272014-15 Basketball GbG 272014-15 Basketball Comps 27

Basketball Metrics 26 Games

Jaron Blossomgame

Complete through 26 Games2014-15 Basketball Sum 26A2014-15 Basketball dUsage 262014-15 Baskeball Pace 262014-15 Basketball Comps 262014-15 Basketball GbG 26

Basketball Metrics – 25 Games

Brad Brownell

Complete through 25 games.
2014-15 Basketball Sum 242014-15 Basketball dUsage 252014-15 Basketball Pace 252014-15 Basketball Comps 252014-15 Basketball GbG 25

Updated Basketball Metrics – 24 Games

Men's Basketball - Austin Ajukwa

Complete through 24 games.


  1. Austin Ajukwa has picked up offensively in the last two games.
  2. Donte Grantham and Rod Hall have decreased offensive efficiency in the last several games.
  3. The Tigers remain under 30% on three pointers for the season and average .90 points for every 3 point shot attempted vs. 0.94 per 2 point shot attempted.

2014-15 Basketball Sum 242014-15 Basketball dUsage 242014-15 Basketball Pace 242014-15 Basketball Comps 242014-15 Basketball GbG 24

Basketball Metrics – 22 Games


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Basketball Metrics – 21 Games


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2014-15 Basketball Sum 212014-15 Basketball dUsage Graph 212014-15 Basketball dUsage Chart 212014-15 Basketball Pace 212014-15 Basketball Game by Game 212014-15 Basketball Comps 21

Basketball Metrics – 20 Games


Complete through 20 games.


  • For the second straight game the Tigers pace was at 1.64 possessions per minute, which is over the season average and they won both. Coincidence?
  • Free throw shooting has to be a concern.  The team that led the ACC last year is hitting at a 65.1% clip through 20 games.
  • 3 point shooting was huge against N.C. State, but the Tigers are still below 30% and average 0.89 points per 3 point attempt.
    2014-15 Basketball Individ 202014-15 Basketball dUsage Graph 202014-15 Basketball Pace 202014-15 Basketball Comps 202014-15 Basketball Game by Game 20

Basketball Metrics – 19 Games


Complete through 19 games.


  • Clemson’s pace against Wake (1.64 possessions per minute) was their highest of the ACC games to date and highest overall since the Robert Morris game.
  • Clemson’s pace has increased in each of the last 3 games.
  • Donte Grantham has taken 100 3 pointers and made 27.  55.6% of Grantham’s shots are beyond the arc.
  • Two surprising names continue to lead Tigers on the offensive boards: Sidy Djitte and Josh Smith.  Djitte is corralling more than a quarter (25.5%) of the available offensive rebounds while Smith is at 16.2%.
  • A direct result of all those offensive rebounds is that Djitte and Smith lead the Tigers in free throw rate (free throw attempts/field goal attempts). Djitte is at 1.083 and Smith is .969.
  • Another category that Djitte “leads” in is fouls per minute played.  Djitte commits a personal foul for every 4.3 minutes on the court.  Landry Nnoko commits a foul every 7.7 minutes on the floor.Basketball 2014-15 Sum 19Basketball 2014-15 dUsage 19Basketball 2014-15 Game by Game 19Basketball 2014-15 Pace 19Basketball 2014-15 Comps 19

Basketball Metrics – 18 Games

Brad Brownell

Complete through 18 games.

2014-15 Basketball Sum 182014-15 Basketball Usage Graph 182014-15 Basketball Usage Chart 182014-15 Basketball Pace 182014-15 Basketball Game by Game 182014-15 Basketball Comps 18

Basketball Metrics (Abbreviated) – 17 Games

Jaron Blossomgame

Complete through 17 games.


  • Sidy Djitte is averaging a foul every 4.4 minutes of playing time and an offensive rebound every 6.4 minutes of play.
  • Landry Nnoko is averaging a foul every 7.8 minutes of playing time.
  • Not splitting the atom, but Jaron Blossomgame has been far and away the Tigers most effective and efficient offensive player. Blossomgame has been used on 32.8% of the Tigers possessions, but has accounted for 44.6% of their offense during his time on the court.
  • After the pace had slowed over the last 5 games, it picked up a bit against Syracuse coming in at 1.45 possessions per minute.Basketball Sum 2014-15 17Basketball UsageD 2014-15 17Basketball Game by Game 2014-15 17Basketball Pace 2014-15 17