May 19, 2019

Every Clemson Fan’s Christmas Wishlist

Free iOS & Android Apps Available

Seldom Used Reserve (SUR) is ecstatic to announce that there are now FREE iOS and Android apps available for download that will allow for easy and quick access to SUR content, recruiting updates, links to the SUR Message Boards and push notifications for breaking Clemson news.

To download the iOS version from the App Store click here.

AppThe Android version can be found here.

These apps are completely free and contain no advertisements.

It’s important to note that these are version 1.0 of the apps and we are working hard to improve the look, feel and content of the app.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Final Clemson Basketball Metrics – 31 Games

Complete for 2015-2016 season.

2016 Basketball Comps 31 2016 Basketball Players 31 2016 Basketball Game by Game 31 2016 Basketball MP 31

Clemson Basketball Metrics – 30 Games

Complete through 30 games.

2016 Basketball Players 302016 Basketball Comps 30

Minutes played for the last 10 games shown, but AVG column includes all games played in to date.

2016 Basketball MP 302016 Basketball Game by Game 30


Clemson Basketball Metrics – 29 Games

Complete through 29 games.

2016 Basketball Players 292016 Basketball MP 292016 Basketball Comps 29 2016 Basketball Game by Game 29

Clemson Basketball Metrics – 28 Games

Complete through 28 games.

2016 Basketball Players 282016 Basketball MP 282016 Basketball Comps 28 2016 Basketball Game by Game 28

Clemson Basketball Metrics – 27 Games

Complete through 27 games.

2016 Basketball Players 272016 Basketball MP 272016 Basketball Comps 27 2016 Basketball Game by Game 27

Updated Clemson Basketball Metrics – 26 Games

Complete through 26 games.

2016 Basketball Players 26

Minutes played for last 10 games shown.  AVG column includes average for all games played in during season.2016 Basketball MP 262016 Basketball Comps 26 2016 Basketball Game by Game 26

Updated Clemson Basketball Metrics – 25 Games

Complete through 25 games.

Basketball 2016 Players 25Basketball 2016 Comps 25 Basketball 2016 Game by Game 25

Minutes played shown for last 10 games. Avg column includes all games played in during season.Basketball 2016 MP 25

Updated Basketball Metrics – 24 Games

Complete through 24 games.

2016 Basket All 242016 Basket Comps 24

Note: Last 10 games shown, but AVG column includes all games played in for season.  Also, there are minuscule differences in the game by game minutes played numbers shown for a few players below and season total minutes shown on  I am researching these differences.2016 Basket MP 2242016 Basket Game by Game 24