October 21, 2014

Cole Stoudt Drive Chart – 7 Games

Stoudt vs BC 2

Cole Stoudt had a good, but not outstanding game against Boston College and that improved some of the numbers below a tad.

In particular, the third down conversion rate went up, which was a huge factor in the game (32 yard pass to Mike Williams came on third and 10).  The explosive play % also edged up.

The average ranking of defenses faced for Stoudt is 44 and ironically Syracuse comes in at number 43 in total defense.
Stoudt Drive Chart 2014 7

Clemson Offensive Pace – 7 Games


The Tigers ran 81 plays and gained 398 yards, dropping below the 400 mark on the last series of “victory formation” plays.  Clemson held the ball for 35:42 and the offensive pace was the second slowest of the season at 26.4 seconds.

Pace 2014 7CPace Graph 2014 7C

Cole Stoudt by Distance – 7 Games

Stoudt vs BC 2014

There was some weirdness in the play by play and box score data (play by play shows the spike near the end of the first half a “team rush”, for example), so these numbers may need to be adjusted in the future but they match the official stats currently.

Stoudt by Distance 2014 7

Cole Stoudt By The Numbers

Clemson football - Cole Stoudt

Cole Stoudt has faced some good defenses on the road with games at Georgia where he played majority of snaps and at Florida State where he played some.  The average defensive ranking of the road teams Stoudt has faced is 27, while the average ranking of defenses faced at home is  89.

Boston College is currently ranked 8th in total defense.

Stoudt Home and Away 2014 6A

The numbers below indicate 67% of Stoudt’s completions have been behind the line of scrimmage (BLOS).

Stoudt by Distance 2014 6


Stoudt by Down and Quarter 2014 6

Here is Stoudt’s drive chart for the Louisville game and the “Avg” line near the bottom gives you the average drive for Stoudt on the season.  An issue here is the 3rd down conversion % is under 30% with Stoudt at the helm.

Also, the average drive only last 1:51 under Stoudt (i.e. 1.85 minutes in the chart below).

These numbers do not include the drive where both Stoudt and Watson Quarterbacked vs. Louisville.

Stoudt Drive Chart 2014 6A

Defensive Stops on 3rd and 4th Down

Garry Peters, Reggie Bonnaton

Here is an updated look at who makes stops on third and fourth down when the Clemson defense stops the opponent from gaining a first down or touchdown.

These numbers are taken directly from the play by play data provided post-game.  Primary means the name was listed first and secondary means that player was listed second.

Defensive Stops 2014 6

Offensive Drive Metrics

Chad Morris

With Cole Stoudt at the helm for the next several weeks we can anticipate a faster pace for the Clemson offense, but it’ll be interesting to see if there is any significant change in the numbers below.  Obviously, a fair amount of these numbers include Stoudt’s efforts to date considering he played all but three series at Georgia and all but a quarter against Louisville.

I haven’t run the numbers to compare what happened under Tajh Boyd, but it seemed like there were drives that took more time off the clock.  Only 3 drives have lasted over 5 minutes and the Tigers have been boom (as in touchdown) or bust (as in 3 and out) for the most part.  Obviously, the running game effects these numbers and I’m not sure we’ll see significant improvement there this week.
Clemson Drive Chart 2014 6Clemson Drive TOP Chart 2014 6

Episode 27: Boston College Preview, Boulware’s Big Day and the D’s Unsung Hero


Brandon Rink of orangeandwhite.com joins me to discuss the Boston College Eagles, Ben Boulware’s big day, an unsung hero of the defense, a prediction and more.

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Receiver Details – 6 Games


After being shut out on 3 targets in a 41-0 route of N.C. State Artavis Scott had a big day against a stifling Louisville defense with 10 catches for 66 yards on 12 targets, including 3 receptions for 27 yards on the Tigers most important drive of the day.

Not only does Scott lead the team in receptions, he has only 1 less target than Mike Williams through the first half of the season and has compiled an 80% completion rate.

Scott is on pace for 56 receptions for 742 yards and 6 touchdowns and is targeted more frequently per snaps played (once every 6.1 snaps played) than any other receiver regardless of position.

Receiver Detail 2014 6

Defensive Drive Metrics – 6 Games

Jarrett vs Louisville

Of the 40 drives with 3 or less plays, 35 of them are 3 and outs and 1 was a turnover on the first play. That means 41.9% of drives are three and outs (or less).

The average drive against the Clemson defense? 4.4 plays, 18.9 yards, 1:52.

Defensive Drives by Plays 2014 6Defensive Drives by TOP 2014 6

Rushing Metrics – 6 Games

Adam Choice vs Louisvill

Not only did Clemson lose their top passer when Deshaun Watson broke a bone last Saturday, but the Tigers also lost their most successful rusher.  Louisville’s defense was outstanding, but it’s probably no coincidence that the Tigers had their best rushing total of the season when Watson was a big part of the ground game vs. N.C. State.  Watson as a running threat forced the defense to account for the quarterback making one less defender available when Watson didn’t have the ball.

Adam Choice had a nice series in the fourth quarter when it was needed against Louisville, but the running game lacks punch and explosiveness, especially without Watson in the mix for the next 3 weeks (at least).

Rushing Metrics 2014 6