August 30, 2016

Metrics for returning Clemson rushers

Metrics for returning Clemson rushers.

2016 Returning Rushers

Successful Rush:

  • 1st Down – 50% of yards needed for 1st down or touchdown
  • 2nd Down – 70% of yards needed for 1st down or touchdown
  • 3rd Down – First down or touchdown

Podcast: Clemson-Auburn Preview and Prediction

Matt Wilczewski and Marty Coleman look at the Clemson-Auburn matchup from all angles and give an early prediction and score.

Time Marks:

01:37 – Dabo speaks – Austin Bryant and Xavier Kelly
04:24 – Auburn talk
11:08 – What happens Saturday?
12:56 – Will Clemson be able to run on Auburn?
14:14 – Better defense: Clemson or Auburn?
16:37 – Special Teams – Advantage Auburn?
19:15 – Prediction and Score
24:20 – Coming Up on Seldom Used Reserve

You can also download and subscribe to the podcast here via iTunes.

Metrics for Returning Clemson Receivers

Metrics for returning receivers.
2015 Ret Rec Mets

Vegas Confidential: Does half a point make a difference?

When last we checked Clemson was a 7 1/2 point favorite against Auburn to open the 2016 season and we advised caution.  Well, perhaps it was Austin Bryant’s injury or something else, but Clemson is now a 7 point favorite.  What’s that half point mean for guys that like to bet on games? More than you would think. That half point difference, assuming it stays there, is enough reason to consider taking Clemson – with one caveat:

Complete SUR Clemson and College Football Preview

Earlier this week the SUR Crew of Matt Wilczewski, Chris Cox and Marty Coleman posted a complete preview for both Clemson and College football.

On Monday, we looked at the potential redshirts for Clemson and while we agreed on most, there were some interesting divergences: Redshirt Report.

Tuesday we selected the players we expect to have special seasons for the Tigers in 2016: Clemson Superlatives.

Wednesday brought our season predictions for the Tigers: Clemson Season Predictions.

Thursday we gave our thoughts on which teams will win each conference, who makes playoff and picked a Heisman winner: Conference Champs, Playoffs and Heisman.

Throwback Thursday: C.J. Spiller leaves Georgia Tech grasping at air

We were fortunate to witness C.J. Spiller at Clemson.

A Closer Look at Huegel’s Kickoffs

It should be noted that Greg Huegel was the primary kickoff man in only 5 Clemson games last season – the first 3 and the last 2.  The 7 games in between saw Huegel kick off only 3 times – twice against Georgia Tech and once against Boston College.

In retrospect, perhaps we should have been concerned as early as game 2 against Appalachian State as the Mountaineers reeled off returns of 37, 36, 31 and 28 yards and the following Thursday Louisville returned one 100 yards.

Two teams in the nation (of 127) gave up 3 kickoff return touchdowns in 2015.  Clemson was one of them.

As the numbers below show, Huegel had a slightly better distance on his second kickoff of the game than he did the first.  The “kicker”, of course, is that the return defense got worse with each subsequent kickoff.  The touchdown return against Louisville came on Huegel’s 5th kickoff of the game and the touchdown in the National Championship game came on kickoff number 6.

Huegel KOs 2015

Huegel’s distance decreased by a small amount as the game went on, but the average return increased at a higher rate and while Huegel’s touchback % halved after the first kickoff of the game, it actually increased from the second to subsequent kickoffs.

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Ben Boulware: 4 plays in 59 seconds

Typically, this is the space where we do the “5 in 59” segment.  However, Ben Boulware’s exploits sometimes require replay just to see all the twists, turns, flips and chest thumping, so I couldn’t actually fit 5 in 59.  I did provide a solo of one that was left on the cutting room floor on Sunday.

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Deshaun Watson by Distance for 2015

A couple of notes on the information below:

* All metrics are mine and are not verified through ESPN or any other site. This is an art, not a science and different sites use different measurements and criteria.
* Distance is from line of scrimmage, not point of throw or “yards in air”.
* To reiterate, there is judgement used on many of these throws and therefore different sources will have different numbers.
* Games are reviewed to verify distances.
Watson by Distance 2015

Vegas Confidential – Clemson’s recent history vs. spread

With all the blowouts over the last 5 season you would think Clemson would have a pretty good record against the spread, but that’s not the case. Take away what you will from the numbers below, but since the West Virginia Orange Bowl debacle the Tigers have reeled off 8 straight against the spread in neutral settings – that includes 2 ACC Championship games, 2 wins over Oklahoma, Auburn in Atlanta, LSU, Ohio State and Alabama in Natty.