September 27, 2016

3rd Down Defense

imageThe Clemson third down defense continued it’s stellar play Thursday and now opponents are 10 of 58 on the season on third downs.

Here’s the break down by distance to go:


And here’s who is making those stops (where a first down is not gained).


And a couple of examples.  First, Dorian O’Daniel sacks Justin Thomas in the third quarter.  The Tigers had 3 sacks and they all came on third down.

Next, Ben Boulware tracks down a Tech running back before he can get a first down.

Receiver Metrics – 4 Games

imageWeek 4 saw an increase in Cornell Powell’s targets. Powell was targeted only 4 times in the first three games combined, but received 7 targets in Atlanta.

Jordan Leggett had been targeted 6 times across the first 3 games, but saw 5 balls thrown his way against Georgia Tech.


Deshaun Watson – Under Pressure Georgia Tech and Season


Deshaun Watson was pressured 7 times on 50 called passes in Thursday’s game at Georgia Tech.  The details are below, but Watson threw 5 passes, was sacked once and had one scramble in these 7 pressures.

A couple of examples from Georgia Tech game.  In the first clip Watson steps up and delivers to Cornell Powell while being tackled.

Next, a long pass to Mike Williams falls incomplete as Watson has a hand in his face and Williams is molested down field.

For the season Watson has scrambled 5 times and gained 4 first downs, but is only 5 of 16 throwing the ball under pressure.

5 in 59 Georgia Tech Edition

5 plays in 59 seconds from Clemson vs. Georgia Tech.

Featured image courtesy

Seldom Used Reserve of the Game – Georgia Tech Edition

While I openly wondered if Tech killer Dorian O’Daniel could qualify as a “seldom used reserve”, another play popped into my head.

Chad Smith recovered a Ray Ray McCloud fumble on a punt return at the Clemson 49 yard line with the score 7-0.

It’s not likely that the game would have turned out much differently if Smith isn’t alert enough to recover the ball, but who knows what happens if Tech gets to the ball before Smith.

Deshaun Watson by Distance – Georgia Tech Edition

Photo: Gwinn Davis/

Photo: Gwinn Davis/

Sometimes the numbers alone don’t tell the entire story and thats the case with the ones below.

We know Deshaun Watson missed some deep balls last night – Diondre Overton running free being a prime example.  On the other hand, the hard and fast numbers means two passes that traveled exactly 20 yards fall into the 16-20 category and not the 21+ category.  Not that 2 of 8 for for 49 yards on passes of 21 + yards would have looked great, but it certainly would look better than the 21+ category below.

Clemson – Georgia Tech Advanced Metrics

Advanced Metrics 1Advanced metrics from Clemson’s 26-7 win over Georgia Tech in Atlanta Thursday night.

Win Probability – Clemson vs. Georgia Tech

This week my algorithm is more in line with ESPN FPI and SBN Nation which should make Clemson fans happy.

Vegas Confidential

Voodoo in Atlanta? Not going to happen.

Deshaun Watson – Under Pressure – S.C. State & Season

imageYes, Deshaun Watson was pressured against South Carolina State.  As a matter of fact, on the second play of the game and first called pass, Watson was pressured, somehow escaped and managed to gain 3 yards in his only scramble of the day.

Later in that same opening drive Watson is pressured and hit, but finds Mike Williams for 22 yards down to the S.C. State 8.


After those two plays Watson was not pressured again. Here are his numbers for the S.C. State game under pressure:


For the season Watson has been pressured on 15 of 107 called passes the details of which are below:

watson-up-2016-3The 3 yard scramble against S.C. State was the first time Watson did not gain a first down on a scramble, but it did put the Tigers in a 3rd and managable, which they made, and allowed the drive to continue and ultimately result in a touchdown to open the game.